World first automatic KH controller.

We are proud to receive the Best Product Award from Reef-A-Palooza Orlando 2017 among multitudes of excellent marine aquarium products. This award recognized and honored many years of R&D and rigorous manufacturing and quality assurance put forth by the KH Guardian team. Special appreciation goes out to all the aquatic enthusiasts, reefing community, and supporters of KHG. We will strive forward to bring out more outstanding products in the future. Thank you all..


KH Guardian Pro Alkalinity Controller

Automatic monitoring and control of alkalinity. The KH Guardian is without doubt one of the most innovative, exciting and ultimate game changing reef aquarium product of this century from the brilliant minds of Dr. Bridge. The KHG is an all-in-one device that automatically monitors and manages carbonate hardness values of a reef tank throughout the day. Such an instrument is often considered "the holy grail" and can dramatically simplify and improve the way we manage KH parameters of our aquatic investment.

What is Alkalinity(KH)?

Alkalinity is a means of quantifying the stability of pH in aquarium water. It is a measure of the concentration of various negatively charged ionic compounds (anions) such as carbonates, bicarbonates, borate and hydroxides in the aquarium water. Although a simple and affordable test, user error and time is taken out of the equation so that one can rest assured that their reef aquarium is safe and stable.

Why is Alkalinity Essential?

Alkalinity maintenance is a critical aspect of coral reef aquarium husbandry. If left unchecked, alkalinity can drop below a critical level and pH begins to fluctuate more wildly than the suggested daily pH shift of +/-0.2 for marine aquaria, causing stress to livestock. In a marine aquarium, the desired alkalinity is usually between 7° and 10° dKH (German carbonate hardness). KH Guardian makes it possible to monitor the buffering capacity and automatically manage KH levels of your aquarium water in a simple all in one device..



  • Monitors AND Controls Alkalinity
  • Automatic tests carbonate hardness levels directly from aquarium
  • Controls your KH values throughout the day resulting in rock-solid stability
  • Continuous monitoring and data logging  (pre installed memory card for long term data logging)
  • Easy to read LED display
  • Compact, easy installation and simple operation
  • Bio-Safe reagent can be dosed back into the aquarium
  • Uses only one reagent for each test. The used reagent can be added directly to the aquarium without any safety concern. (Each test only takes around 3 - 4 mls of reagent)
  • Uses an optical level sensor to precisily measure the sample volume. No need additional volume calibration. Auto detection of motor failure or pump tube wear and tear.

    (Global exclusive)

  • Equipped with specialized optical sensor that can precisely measure each drop of reagent or sample. Automatic detection of reagent, motor failure, and pump tubing wear and tear

    (Global exclusive)

  • Supports remote terminal function to monitor and control the instrument via any web browser on the same local network. No need to install any software or APP. Simply use web browser for operation.
  • AIM - Alkalinity Interface Module available separately to allow connection to aquarium computer such as Apex.
  • Built in graphical display from interface

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