Teaching video

  How to install KHG ( Chiness version )
  How to refurbish KHG
  How to upgrade Nozzle to NZ2
  How to mix reagents in the correct ratio
  How to soldering KH Ehance module.
  How to setup KH Ehance module and NZ2.
  How to install Calcium reactor Control Module.
  How to replace KRS pump tube
  KRS peristaltic tube install precautions.
  How to upgrade KRS pump to V2.
  How to force KS De-Gas by a syringe.
  How to replace peristaltic pump tubing.
  How to replace the new version of the float kit.
  Wax the float to restore buoyancy.
  How to recalibrate level sensor.
  How to replace Reaction Chamber.
  How to upgrade pH module.
  How to replace Accelerator motor (No welding require).
  How to replace the KS motor.
  How to reduces wheel slip.
  How to replace Silicone Tubing.
  How to clean the peristaltic pump.
  How to clean the optical lens.
  How to repair SD(SD_ERR).
  How to re-install magnetic stirrer.
  How to check pH module1.
  Why weight of each bag of reagents different.
  SD Crad files.
  TPE-1 Laboratory use only.

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